Focus On Me

Lent has just begun a few days ago and I rarely participate, for no other reason than I don’t often feel led to. Well, this year I felt it was appropriate to use this time to challenge myself to introduce something positive in my life instead of cutting something out. I feel that if you want negative actions and thoughts to become fewer and farther between, that they must be replaced by positive thoughts and actions, otherwise they will just come back, sometimes even more intense than when you started out.

So, I decided to go through a journey of meditation for 40 days and beyond, and make that a part of my daily routine. I am soooo happy I made this decision. Over the last few days, I have meditated every night but two and I have been sleeping better, been more energized and positive through out the day, and been significantly more proactive and seized numerous opportunities to better myself and my life. 🌈🙏

As I’m relatively new to meditation, I did a search on YouTube for inspiration as to where to begin this transformation and I found a series that is a 30-Day Meditation Challenge for Beginners by JBitterSweet. Each day she goes through a different meditation focus and talk you through the process. I’m not going to lie, there were a few where I felt she could do a little less talking, but the methods were great and as a result I can now lead myself through those focused meditations. (At the end of lent I will post my journal of discovery through the process.)

So what’s the point of all of this? The point I’m making is, follow your instincts as to what is important for you to pursue right now and go for it! Invest some time in yourself and see what a world of difference it makes in everything you touch.

Love yourself, take care of yourself, follow yourself, own yourself. 😇❤️💋


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