Holiday Love

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to send a short holiday season message. I do celebrate Christmas but I love on everyone, regardless of their cultural or religious traditions.

This is a reminder of love for the holidays. All year long you should be focusing on cherishing and loving the important people in your life (including yourself), but this time of the year I think it’s especially important to focus on remembering that. Not because it’s a holiday, but because it’s so easy to forget when there’s so much going on. There’s gifts to be bought, parties to attend, crafts to be done. food to be bought and cooked, and on and on the list goes, but the focus needs to stay on the people we are doing all of this for. If we’re buying the perfect gift while ignoring and alienating our spouse or best friend or ourselves, then what’s the point. You aren’t showing love with a super expensive, hard to find gift purchased out of obligation or anger.

My kids and I were making a gingerbread house the other day and I had to work really hard on this while we were doing it. I wanted the kids to feel involved in the process but the icing was not cooperating and the house was falling apart. So I flipped for a bit and got upset. Fortunately, before I really got frustrated, I caught myself. I took a breath and realized that it was ok that I build the house and then they could decorate it. They wanted the house to be standing too. I gave them a little direction on things that they could help with but I mostly built it and then they had fun decorating and putting random things all over. We did end up having fun, getting a bit of a sugar rush and the house stayed up.

So, take the time to linger, to cuddle, to play, to ask for help, and just relax and enjoy the people we have surrounded ourselves with. Love on others and let them love on you. (Kid and pet cuddles on a cold day are AWESOME!!!.)

Lots of love and Merry Christmas from me to YOU!

P.S. This will make you feel much better too, not just others.


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