Today I’m enjoying ME. I, as most people do, I struggle to enjoy myself. I’m constantly criticizing, poking and nagging myself. But you know what there is nothing wrong with me. I am perfect the way I am. I love myself and all the things I do. Sure there are improvements and growth to be made but those are positive and shouldn’t be pursued with negative intentions. My kids have been teaching me to do this lately. It’s actually quite funny. I’ve always told them to love and respect themselves and others and often times I do silly games to remind them. So yesterday we’re on the way home from school and I shout out, “Who do I love?” and the responses are “Big Brother”, and I say “Who Else?”and they say “Little Sister”, then me “Who Else?”, them “Baby Brother”, me “Who Else?”, “Daddy”, “Who Else?”, and at this point I’m expecting them to say Grandma or Auntie or something like that but no these little geniuses drop a bombshell on me and say “YOU”. Shake my head and think about it and then I say, “You’re right I do love myself. You guys are so smart. That’s so important.” I love my mini-teachers because they often teach me some of the most important lessons of all. So today I am enjoying myself and being ok with who I am now and working towards who I want to be. The future me should be an improved version of my current self not a different or better person and the path to that improved person should be a fun, learning adventure. I am so excited to find out what hurdles I will jump and what lessons I will learn tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Love to you all.


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