The last little bit has been a test in my abilities to push through when change occurs that I had no way of planning for. To summarize, in the blink of an eye I went from being a distributor for one company to a distributor for another due to a buy out. There was no notice and no way to prepare for the change.

This new company is better in so many ways, but the unexpectedness of it, threw myself and many others for a loop. I think I took it pretty well but there were definite low points where I would walk in circles and didn’t know what I was doing but I powered through. The biggest blessing was, I could have lost my income source all together but instead I was offered the opportunity to continue my growth and development with  different products in the same field.

The lesson here is, no matter how well you think you know what you’re doing, there are always unforeseen possibilities that can come up and how you deal with those things is what will make or break you.

You can keep the same goals and adjust your aim or you can give up and never know where that journey could have taken you.

When life comes out of no where with a twister, keep your eyes focused on the finish line. Talk to the important people in your life, take time for yourself to process, and then go out and ATTACK those new challenges like a BOSS!!!

You’ve got this and so do I!!❤️


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