Let’s Talk Goals

Goals are a necessity to success. If you don’t know what you want, how are you going to know if you’re on the right track or even if you’ve achieved them. Most people have dreams and aspirations, but rarely are they ever written down or acted on. I believe the statistic is only 3% of adults have written goals and until you put pen to paper, to write out a goal properly it is only a dream and dreams are for when you’re sleeping. If you want to, actually, wake up and move into living the life you want  you have to take that step and write it down.

So, now you’ve written down your goal, but it’s missing something. Now we need to format it and make it POWERFUL!! Time to get serious! There are three easy guidelines (I don’t like rules, it defeats the purpose of being creative so let’s have “guidelines” instead so we’re not “breaking the rules” when we do what’s right for us) to follow when writing your goals out to have a powerful effect on the actions you take to make your goals a reality. First, it needs to be positive. Example, if you want to quit smoking, you automatically think to write “I don’t smoke” but the brain doesn’t perceive the negatives, it focuses on the subject of the sentence, so it hears “I smoke”. Not really the message we are trying to get across. Instead, you should write something like, “I breath fresh air every day and my lungs are so health”. Boom, you’ve just changed the game right there.

The second guideline is, write it like it’s already happened. So, you want to be making $5,000 every month, let’s try saying “I make $5,000 a month” instead of “I’m going to make $5,000 a month”. Do you see the difference. The first one resonates deeper and your brain has an easier time processing it.

The third guideline to strengthen your goal is to make it S.M.A.R.T. I know, I know, everyone who’s reading this is a genius, so I’m not telling you to go improve your I.Q. 😉, S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym to help you remember the steps. S is specific. You want details here, truly go deep and acknowledge what you really want. Instead of, “I own a house” try something along this line, “I’ve purchased a two store, 4 bedroom home in California. It’s white with blue trimming and has a huge kitchen with a double stove. There’s a den for my office and a finished basement with a knock out playroom for my kids to really enjoy. The master bedroom has an ensuite that’ll blow you’re mind, with a jacuzzi tub and double shower heads.” You really want to be able to paint a picture of your goal. M is measurable. If you say you want to make more money there’s no way of know you’ve gotten what you want. $1 is more or $10,000,000, there’s no connection because there’s no measure. (Again, where being specific comes in.) A means achievable. Can you actually do it? If you make your goal too big you won’t connect with it because you won’t really believe it’s possible. Buuuut…, there’s a way around this if you really want to achieve big things with your life. Break down the goal into smaller portions. Say you want to go from being majorly in debt to being worth a million bucks, it’s really hard to imagine that as a possibility. So chunk it up. Start by eliminating debt, then making $100,000, etc. R is for relevant. Does your goal really connect with you as a person and your beliefs? Or are you working for someone else’s goal for your life? You’re not going to work for someone else’s dreams as you will for your own. And finally, T for time bound. Set a deadline! It can change if you need it to but you need to put a date stamp on it and commit to you!!

Now that you have your goal and it’s formatted for the most power, it’s time to ACT!!! You’re never going to achieve anything by sitting around watching Netflix, unless, of course, if your goal is to miss out on living life and gain a huge movie quote database 😉. Your time is NOW, it’s time to move!!

Have fun, be creative, and be true to yourself.




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